29 Best Duck Dynasty Quotes

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Duck Dynasty quotes published on this page are highly inspired from uncle Si and Jase Robertson. These guys are the soul of Duck Dynasty reality show and their cool quotes are full of wisdom and a little fun.

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  1. You can guess you could speculate but you won't know until you ask.
  1. Unless you've walked in another shoe, best you keep your judgments to yourself. (One of my favorite Uncle Si quotes)
  1. When an idea sounds cool in your head say it out loud before you commit to it.
  1. Honor those above you, see no one below you, journey with those beside you, and respect those around you.
  1. A lot of people nowadays prides themselves in having so much strength that they totally have no understanding of the fact a real partner wants you with your weaknesses and wants to help carry you through your trials so they push real solid people away and chase after a dream that will eventually become their nightmare. – Phil Robertson
  1. Sometimes that Nigga you would die for would be the one pulling the trigger at you!! Can’t break your back for "EVERYBODY" they'll take you for granted!
  1. If people flipping the pages back a bit and found HAPPINESS...this world would be much better. God makes us unique for a reason. Be the best YOU for your sake and the sake of those around you.
  1. I can trust someone I don't respect and respect someone I don't trust but if I trust & respect U that's when I'm all in..
  1. My hand must be amputated. It's about time. I don't think I need it anymore. It's worse than paralysis. - Jase Robertson
  1. In your head you are still his and in his you are nobody! To come out of it, you will have to go many a times into it. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Are you willing to up your game? What are the odds when you want it all to be even? What is it and what is it not?
  1. I think laziness is a virtue. If you have to get your work done and you're lazy, you'll find a better way to do it and one that requires less effort and time.
  1. Never fear the truth, that's when you fall behind. The truth can get us far, I will never feel offended if someone criticizes me, and actually I'll thank them for giving me the opportunity to see something I ignored to notice. – Si Robertson
  1. It takes a good man to treat a woman right and it takes an absolute courageous woman to stand strong during his distress, after all it's the innocent flirt that initiated this kind of quality in relationship.
  1. I don't have an ego; I have something that your low self esteem can't handle.
  1. Money can never buy class, behavior and wisdom. Those things are from within, they live with us till the day we depart from this Earth.
  1. You can Photoshop your personality. Sometimes you may know people for years and then you discover they pretended to be someone they are not. You can fool people for a while and eventually the Photoshop fades. – Uncle Si
  1. An enlightened person would never care about scoring a point. He cares only for the enlistment of your awareness.
  1. An enlightened person may just watch if he happens to spot a fool.
  1. An enlightened being will do whatever he wishes and whatever he does do is for the benefit of humanity. A fool is one who is not yet enlightened.  It may take many lifetimes, but eventually one is no longer a fool. One becomes enlightened and therefore, ONE.
  1. The recipe for my success is about two words ~ Help People!
  1. Stupidity is a weakness in the Intelligence for being Proud of what they know; while the Wise are pragmatically satisfied with the mere implementation of their acquired Wisdoms.
  1. Life is born to be hard, so challenge it by being positive. – Phil Robertson
  1. The question is how to make little minds open up to be universal... that adds value to humanity and not eating Big Mac extra cheese only.
  1. Where there is hope there is life! Go and enlighten the world, be the inspiration you wish to be.
  1. I have always believed that good words have their own consequences as much as the bad ones.
  1. For the little things we do in life, the rewards are extraordinary! If we only think positive and be thankful, then our mission in life will be fulfilled!
  1. You know people from day or few years! The truth of our friendship is felt when we all come together as one and keeps our difference away to be true friends. There are plenty of spaces on this earth and one small room in a little town, but only one place can truly hold us all together and that is our caring spirit of being compassionate humans.
  1. A confined mind lives in his little nest and only recognizes what his little mind tells him. A universal mind accepts diversity and recognizes the world as one. We all live in ONE WORLD! – Jase Robertson
  1. Few people do know how to live life; the other few are busy checking the instruction manual!

I love the Duck Dynasty cast...they are hell funny people. Share if you love too!
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Nephew Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook Status

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An uncle or an aunt can express her deep feelings and love for their nephew by posting these happy birthday nephew messages and quotes on their Facebook statuses.
Nephew Happy Birthday Wishes!

Nephew Happy Birthday Wishes 

  1. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to nephew and I love you too. I can't imagine my life without you; you're such a good and kind young man I wish you many more birthdays. Enjoy your day nephew!
  2.  Happy Birthday to my amazing nephew, you should be so happy with all the good things coming your way! A beautiful birthday gift for you and of course a lot of prays! Wishing you joy, great health and happiness always!
  3.  I would like to wish my baby boy a very happy 13th birthday. Even though we have gone through a terrible week, I hope and pray that this day will brighten it. I love you and hope and pray for many more years to come and share.
  4.  To my nephew (name) I want to wish you a wonderful birthday, I want you to know what a wonderful phone call that was in 1998 was for me when you made me an Auntie for the very first time. I really enjoyed watching you grow and remembering your first steps and all the fun I had with you. God bless your day. Love you very much.
  5.  Sending the happiest of birthday wishes out to my awesome and cool nephew, you are always in my heart and forever on my mind. I will always love and miss you.
  6.  I would like to wish my gorgeous nephew a very happy 1st birthday. I can’t believe the day is here. Where the year has gone I will never know but you have made it an amazing one for us when you came into the world. I love you so much.
  7.  Happy 4th birthday to my only nephew, I can't believe you are 4 now, it's gone too quickly!, we wouldn't know what to do without you, you put the smiles back on faces and make our day special to have you around us, hope you like your gifts what we got you, love you loads.
  8.  Happy birthday to the most wonderful awesome Handsome and great nephew! You make us happy, you make us proud so here’s a message clear and loud have the best Happy Birthday ever. You are a star, charming and clever! Love you nephew. It’s a remarkable day in your life.
  9.  Happy birthday to my amazing little nephew, can't believe you are 2 already! You really have made our family complete, and I love you so much, have a brilliant day with your lovely parents. Wish I could see you soon.
  10.  Happy 8th birthday to my handsome nephew! You are such a smart funny and sweet boy. I can't believe you are 8 though! I can still remember the exact night when your mommy told us she was pregnant and I couldn’t be any happier that my older sister is your mom. Love you honey, I'll see you soon buddy.
  11.  I would like to say a very special happy 5th birthday to my little prince (nephew name) today hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy all your presents you deserve them. I love you more than all the stars in the world.
  12.  It’s my first born Nephew's birthday today! He is now a teenager! Omg! I can’t believe it...he’s my best friend that young man I love him so much! He’s always been with me since he was born! He’s an auntie favorite nephew & best friend! Happy 13th Birthday! I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in a few days.
  13.  I remember like it was yesterday... I was rushing home after working all night to be with my brother and his wife for the arrival of my nephew. Happy 4th birthday! Just wish I could be there for it.
  14.  Today is my nephew's 2nd birthday! Oh Man I can’t believe it! I remember being outside of the operating room and just being so anxious to see his face & seeing him for the first time exceeded my expectations! I love you baby, and thanks to my older brother for bringing in my one and only nephew I have! Give him kisses for me! I love you guys.
  15.  To the youngest of my nephews (name) happy birthday! I want you to know that even though we might not always see eye to eye but I Love you and I will always have your back. You also should know how proud I am of the decent guy you have become.
  16.  Happy Birthday to my nephew and now like a son, I cannot believe you are 22 years old, your dad would be so proud to see how well you are doing and what a great job you do about taking care of your auntie.
  17.  Happy, happy birthday to (name)! What a blessing to have you here after all that you went through....and to have you looking so good, handsome, healthy and strong. Thank you our Creator and have a wonderful birthday nephew. Love you!
  18.  To my nephew (name) as it is your fifteenth birthday today and it is probably the time I told you some things about life that before you may have been too young to hear. I'm proud of the man you are becoming. Your Uncle!
  19.  Seven years ago my wonderful nephew was born on this very day. 2 pounds and 3 ounces, he was so small. He is growing up so fast I can't believe it! Happy 7th birthday! Auntie loves you so very much, have a good day baby.
  20.  Happy Birthday to my handsome little nephew! He is loved by so many people and one of the most important people I know that cherish, adores and misses him is his grandmother. I know he can feel her love and hugs in his heart. Love you.
  21.  Happy birthday to the world's best little one year old man...my adorable handsome nephew... I love you so much little man....I wish I could be there to spoil you and give sweet hugs.
  22.  On this day our family was blessed with a beautiful boy, my only nephew. I am so very proud of the man & father you have become. Happy Birthday young man! May God continue to watch over & bless you!
  23.  Goodness, my nephew is 19 today. I’m starting to get that ancient feeling. Happy birthday wackiness!! I'm proud of the man you're becoming!
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Poem style wishes for nephew
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew! God Bless You! May today be as special as you are? We love and miss you!
  •  Happy birthday to my nephew! He is 11 years old today which means he is getting a cell phone from his parents today on whom he will make a Facebook account and have more friends than me by the end of the day.
  •  22 years ago today, the prettiest baby in the world was born. Now that pretty baby is all grown up and has 2 pretty babies of his own! Happy birthday to my nephew! I love you and am so proud of the man you have grown to be. Enjoy!
  •  Today is a special day. It's my oldest nephew (name) birthday! My little baby has grown up on me & now he is 15 years old. I remember driving all the way to the hospital to see you when you were born! Love you nephew.
  •  Happy Birthday to my very special nephew in my life! Who is exhibiting more strength and courage than I have ever seen this year. I love and miss you dearly.
  •  Happy Birthday to my favorite smart guy in the whole world! It seems like only yesterday you were 1 week old and peed in my face!! 14 yrs later and I am so proud to be able to say that I Love you.
  •  He came into my life 8 years ago today, never thought I would raise such a respectful, loving, caring, and smart, thoughtful little man! From day one he has made me want to be a better person & a great aunt! I can't believe he's already 8; guess time does fly by when you're having fun.
  •  I want to say send out a very Special Birthday Shout Out to my Great Nephew, enjoy your day nephew I pray that you get all you asked for :) I still remember the day you came into this world so small now look at you. You will always be the first great nephew.
  •  I'd like to wish my nephew happy 5th birthday today! Kids do grow up fast! He's such a little blessing and I love that little stinker to the moon and back!
  •  Happy 30th birthday to my nephew! So hard to believe it's been 30 years since you were born, remember that day so clearly. You have grown to be a wonderful young man, a good husband, father and son. I love you very much and have from the first moment I met you! I'm very proud of you!! Enjoy your day!
  •  7 years of grace & blessings! Sometimes I've put myself down for not being able to do more but my son's smile and joy are proof to me that God's got it! He would want to be with me if all I had was a cardboard box to sleep in! I love my nephew and I'm so thankful for him being in my life! Thankful that at age 7 he's smart, healthy, strong and oh so witty...sometimes too witty! Lol
  •  I would like to wish my first born nephew a very happy 16th birthday! I remember the day your mom had you for me. You wouldn't leave my side when you were small now you are a young man! He is only eleven years younger than me, so he's really more like a brother than a nephew and we've always been very close.
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Cute Instagram Usernames for Girls and Boys

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Hi everyone, thank you all so much for the concern that has shown for me to post a big list of creative, girly, swag, funny and cute Instagram names, Twitter and Tumblr usernames both for boys and girls. Surely you can easily change your Pinterest board name, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram username any time and pick an interesting and more eye catching Instagram username from the list below.
Cute Instagram Usernames for you!
Cute Instagram usernames
So I happened to check back on my messages here at Tumblr and on Instagram, it made me smile realizing all of your support & love! Recently, I've been on Instagram more often & though posts there can be shared here at Tumblr too, I got sad that they don't get saved and show on the main page for long. The solution is to tag myself one by one in all those posts via Instagram so they get saved at Facebook and on Tumblr as well. Thank you for all your patience & understanding; I know it might be flooding your news feed right now! I just really have to save those memories. And with them comes each of you who inspire, encourage, support & love! Thank you! Thank you! Cheers to all of you my fans on Tumblr and Instagram.

Cute Instagram Names for Girls:

  1. Arrow mind
  2. Arrow Love
  3. Arial Heart
  4. Action Gram
  5. Active Pixels
  6. Artistic Eyes
  7. Adding Game
  8. Attacker Mind
  9. Apple Punch
  10. Antique Rose
  11. Broken Bo
  12. Bad Follower
  13. Basic Teaser
  14. Booth Gram
  15. Baking Eyes
  16. Blood in Camera
  17. Bed of Thrones
  18. Bride of Moon
  19. Black in Heart
  20. Brown Beauty
  21. Battle Peace
  22. Caring Stuff
  23. Capri Touch
  24. Candy Shaker
  25. Canada Queen
  26. Copper Sketch
  27. Candle Handler
  28. Crying Camera
  29. Captain of Instagram
  30. Cool & Cute
  31. Catching Flames
  32. Dora Dancer
  33. Dancing lane
  34. Dreaming Bed
  35. Dump Down
  36. Daring Lioness
  37. Disaster Flag
  38. Down to Sky
  39. Daisy Face
  40. Damaged Heart
  41. Dangerous for Eyes
  42. Delicious for Eyes
  43. Daring Eyes
  44. Elegant Gram
  45. Easiest Spot
  46. Error Eyes
  47. Energy Fountain
  48. Eastern Club
  49. Echo of heart
  50. Emergency Shot Maker
  51. Electric Eyes
  52. Extreme cyber
  53. Enemy of Self
  54. Economist Gram
  55. Foolish Me
  56. Freckled Beauty
  57. Fast Lady
  58. Furious Fun
  59. Funny Room
  60. Fantastic Jobs
  61. Frozen Lips
  62. Frying Rose
  63. Fighter Gals
  64. Freaky Updater
  65. Grab my Heart
  66. Game On
  67. Galaxy 2020
  68. Guess my Beauty
  69. Give Me Hi
  70. Girly Touch
  71. Ginger Fun
  72. Giga Hugs
  73. Goal of Love
  74. Green Getup
  75. House of Diamonds
  76. Hugs of Silence
  77. Hang on Dreams
  78. Help My Heart
  79. Heart Shooter
  80. High on Instagram
  81. Habitual Teaser
  82. Healthy Ice
  83. Hunter Lips
  84. Harassing Beauty
  85. Insecure Threat
  86. Icing Beauty
  87. Itching Prettiness
  88. I Love Madness
  89. I Love Sunny
  90. I Love Sand
  91. International Beauty
  92. Inner Soulmate
  93. Indicating Love
  94. Inspection Girl
  95. Ideal Soul
  96. Infinite Space
  97. Imaginary Wave
  98. Janet Planet
  99. Jupiter Nurse
  100. Junior Miss Super
  101. Jacket of Care
  102. Join My Class
  103. Journey of Dreams
  104. Joe World
  105. Judge my Action
  106. June of Jones
  107. Julia Rules
  108. Kinetic Queen
  109. Kite of Love
  110. Kentucky Choice
  111. Key of Hearts
  112. K2 Fairy
  113. Krispy Love
  114. Kool Princess
  115. Keep Me High
  116. Kristy Cake
  117. Kenya in New York
  118. Land of Cream
  119. Lady Jumper
  120. Lady Puncher
  121. Lovely Signs
  122. Latest Freedom
  123. Legend of Instagram
  124. Lock in heart
  125. Lazy Spider
  126. Little Miss Fun
  127. Light of Mars
  128. Mistress of Magic
  129. Mind Catcher
  130. Mute Minutes
  131. Magic of Mine
  132. Mini hugs
  133. Mainstream Moves
  134. More and Must
  135. Maximum Good looks
  136. Minimum Threat
  137. Mushroom Lady
  138. Night of Lights
  139. Nightmare Queen
  140. Naughty Faces
  141. New Face
  142. Necklace of Instagram
  143. Need True Followers
  144. Neck Photos
  145. Never Knew
  146. Notes of (your name)
  147. Next Beauty
  148. Optimistic (your name)
  149. Open Truth
  150. Oxygen for Beauty
  151. Omit Splendor
  152. Order of Love
  153. Of the Show
  154. On My Mind
  155. Ocean Ride
  156. Officer Lab
  157. Offensive Reality
  158. Pocket of Stars
  159. Pattern of (your name)
  160. Perfume of (name)
  161. Passion in Eyes
  162. Pointless Drama Queen
  163. Poor Dollars
  164. Picnic Camera
  165. Pure (name)
  166. Poisonous (name)
  167. Peanut Picks
  168. Queen of Pics
  169. Quest of Love
  170. Quiz Maker
  171. Quality of love
  172. Quantity Uncontrolled
  173. Quite Love
  174. Umbrella of Adore
  175. Upper the Skies
  176. Union of Beauties
  177. Urgent Miss (name)
  178. Unique on Instagram
  179. United Beauties
  180. Upcoming Rules
  181. USA Shine
  182. United Years
  183. Union of Love
  184. Rational Love
  185. Radius of Love
  186. Red Gals
  187. Ready for Run
  188. Running Motions
  189. Race of Joy
  190. Right 4 You
  191. Real for You
  192. Rope of Hope
  193. Razor Cuts
  194. Supreme Shine
  195. Sun of Dreams
  196. Sandy Sunlight
  197. Sisters Show
  198. Shining Slope
  199. Seed of Love
  200. Secret Gram
  201. Slight Touches
  202. Senior Flower
  203. Steal my Dreams
  204. Social Eyes
  205. Silver Beach
  206. Tears of Joy
  207. Trivia of Gorgeousness
  208. Tales of (your name)
  209. Terrific Smiles
  210. Trouble Trainer
  211. Truck of ecstasy
  212. Totally Reshape
  213. Tiny Miss (name)
  214. Troops of Breeze
  215. Touch My Hands
  216. Various in Vein
  217. Venus Shadow
  218. Vapors of (name)
  219. Venomous Victory
  220. Venom of Smile
  221. Virgo Punch
  222. Velocity of (name)
  223. Vote for (your name)
  224. Vision Green
  225. Very Good 000
  226. Wax of Exquisiteness
  227. WW9
  228. Water Crush
  229. Wave of Peace
  230. White Pearl
  231. Web of Care
  232. Windy Stick
  233. Well Show
  234. Witness of Love
  235. Wound of Heart
  236. Xo-x0
  237. X-ray Right
  238. You’re Charm
  239. You’re Space
  240. You and Me
  241. Year of Loneliness
  242. Yawning Hills
  243. Yoyo Nights
  244. Yes It’s Clear
  245. Young in Heart
  246. Yard of spring
  247. Your First Choice
  248. Zigzag Honey
  249. Zigzag Crush
  250. Zoo of instagram
Instagram Names for Cute Boys:

Boys mostly like to have a unique and somewhat easy to remember screen names and usernames on social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Hope you guys can easily edit the above names list according to male name styles, you can also give your Instagram username in the comments box below to get more Instagram followers.

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