Double Meaning Questions

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1. Do you know why the pale moon?
Because the night glow and the sleepless.

2. It has a 161 IQ and looks on television. What is it?
Four female on Facebook.

3. You know what this is sarcasm?
When he asks why you cannibal, if you stay for lunch!

4. What’s the difference between shits and around?
The back - you step and you're coming.

5. What is it?
The Deputy of the night and sleeps in a box.
Thinning prosthesis.

6. What is the difference between the skins and his mother?
Vultures wait until you die.

7. Do you know what the recipe for a wonderful day is? - I eat a toad in the morning; nothing has happen until you can not meet that day

8. You know what the maximum speed? When you run around the house and around the corner to see the base...

9. Do you know why the man can be handsome and smart as well? Because it was a woman.

10. You know what hunger is absolute? - When load shading destroy all your unsaved computer work ..
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