Fresh Good Morning SMS Messages

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1. Hello, hello sweetheart, you are quietly creeping into the dream, I interrupted him gently wake you gently, not really easy - complete, because it is morning and prepare your scheduled at this time. So I wish you a beautiful morning, beautiful all day and now I pretty out of bed.

2. Already there's a new day, baby. It is time to open eyes ... tic tic first one, and now the second..... Hurry up, good boy. It went fast. And my beloved is up. Beautiful Day

3. Sunbeam wakes you from the nocturnal sleep and does not know your touch caressing her instead of me innocent.

4. Good morning, nice day, I dreamed a beautiful dream about you...

5. Darling this is the time to get up. That vulture in bed! Remember subdue one who will love loves horizon Cool truck. Is it better? If not so she just sent you the sweetest kisses morning! Beautiful day love!

6. Good morning my lady, I wish you a beautiful awakening, the shape does not know laughter. On a lucky day today to set up and because of little thing... Smile of the day to be as beautiful as a dream. I commend you my heart, ritual to him a little ... I do not know hold you tight, and not to let the whispers I love you!!

7. Darling, you most wish I could have you every beautiful Rank kiss, snuggle up to you as a kitten and whispers in your ear how much I love you...
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