Funny Riddle SMS With Answers

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Q. What is impotence? 
A. The disease from which a man can always lick.

Santa: What is the height of obesity? 
Banta: When you fall on all four sides of the bed at once!

Santa: What they say the Gypsies jacket?
Banta: The accused stand up!

Santa: What is a bar code?
Banta: Family photos of Somalis.

Santa: How many Somalis will fit into the Trabant?
Banta: Everyone.

Santa: What is a Pakistan scatter demonstration?
Banta: Electricity

Santa: As Boss go on vacation?
Banta: Fax.

Questions for Millionaire:
Your wife has a smooth-shaven lap? \ ``
Wait a minute, I will use help line and ask my friend on the phone \ ``

Santa: You know, what does a guy who took only a quarter of Viagra? 
Banta: Pokes...

Santa: You know when a woman screams for another half an hour after intercourse?
Banta: When her husband give her a banana in dark room.
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