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Indyarocks plans to suppress the operation of public Free SMS gateway. Most SMS messages sent by customers in the future through the park with Vodafone need to register. In his address to the SMS Gateway will gradually divert, but still will remain available.  

Indyarocks Login has decided to operate SMS gateway, redirect to the portal stock. Although it offers more convenience to send SMS messages, such as the ability to send a message without rewriting the code, to postpone its mission, and the like, but requires registration. Forwarding will take place gradualisms gateway without having to register yet remain functional. Link to it, however, lead to the homepage of Vodafone's stock. Vodafone wants the operation to significantly reduce gradually login and signup services.

The other operators to give their SMS gateways in priority registration’s-Mobile portal t-zones offering public gateway only very basic and only to their own network. To send to other networks, sending Indyarocks MMS or other services needed to be a customer of T-Mobile and log on. Some services such as SMS to other networks are then charged.

O2 offers with or without registration, there is a customer registration advantage. It is possible for example to send SMS with up to 160 characters and without rewriting the code. In addition, O2 has recently reported on an SMS gateway and portal O2 Extra, which requires registration. It offers up to 100 SMS and 100 MMS messages per week to the O2 network for free, up to 760 characters in length. Others are charged. It is also possible to store contacts; the report gives the standard answer and no ads. “The original SMS gateway, and her version without registration, however, will not change anything," says O2 spokesman Martin Sake.
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  1. why indyarocks is always in problem


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