April Fool Facebook Statuses

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April fool is the day when people like to enjoy fool their family and friends, but some times these jokes become real so its better to celebrate such stupid events, yes you can make so many other fun moments in your life rather then April fool, have a look at the most famous April fool Facebook statuses that will get comments back to profiles.

1-      I am dead
2-      I am going  to suicide
3-      I get in a big trouble
4-      I love you honey
5-      I hate you, you non stop nonsense
6-      I crush on your mother
7-      I confess hat I love your wife so please forgive me and don’t ask her about it.
8-      Hey you stupid why did you call me last night
9-      What bout my money
10-  Hey I win a lottery of 1 million dollars.
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