Funny Tongue Twisters

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Snake guessing the serpent mystery.

Gossip willow.

Dollar, pound, ruble.

Doc Boy gave me pills - cook, brother, little peas!

Woodpecker aural hollow cavity of a hollow oak.

Dalai Lama in the quarry breaking straw.

A quarter of a fortress - half fortress.

Do it in a pot bunkmate Muskier? Ukase fly's ear, something that you are still biting.

Dumbbells lines - lily.

Were added funny tongue twisters knee prices, and from what you want to add?

It would be messy if you please box or if it would please set a box?

There was once a river and he told me, and I told him how much is in Greece Greece Rivers, and I told him that I'm rivers and told him how many rivers in Greece Greece

Three brothers will rub handlebars?

Grandma was in the pocket Bribe Barbed Grandma beep in your pocket. Barber grandma pushed in your pocket, Barbed Grandma Peg in your pocket.

And I got to work on jasmin land?
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