Japanese Tongue Twisters

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Attenuation of the up and buy a bunch of mushrooms here!

Rang of cutting chain for cutting chaff.

You say you've squeezed your fingers between the door casings.

Three hundred thirty-three sprayed silver syringes over three hundred thirty-three silver roofs.

Aunt, aunt, sweep if it's for me, sweep, or if it's for me? Sweep if you have for me, then sweeps it's me.

This is my Popocatepetl of all the Popocatepetl run Popocatepetl.

She Provoker for Porkpies: Precocious Come for the prophet.

He walked with a female ostrich ostrich and ostrich play street to pass.

Gophers think that the pixel is pouched marmots muesli.

While the groundhog hanging vertically groundhog, gopher heard.

Uncle Sustain a dried plum.

Stick your finger through the neck.

Morel full of spots to get wet from the mist.
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