Kids Tongue Twisters

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Heard a gopher? Hear! Gopher came out? He went out! Quietly went out of gopher Piney, quietly went out and came quietly.

They met on resuscitation hall with six beds.

Comb his hair from his brow.

Crinkles handful of grains.

Lily Pond now all nervosas.

Cut and dig, and eye here, eat and cut, dig and cut and sere eve cut and eat.

Tell watercress. I'm not telling.

Gregory fine cut cress.

Petioles yarrow Minus sliced his finger.

When the daughter of King Nebuchadnezzar, and when the daughter of King Nebuchadnezzar

Role of Lord Rolf played Vladimir Leprous.

Revolver pierced folder.

Retrospective perspective examined the prospectus.

Poodle prods powder.

He came to me, a Greek, and he told me, I told him how much is in Greece, Greek rivers. And I told him that I am Greek, I told him how much is in Greece, Greek rivers.

Before the kick five cannabis streams for brook kick five cannabis.

Before the hatch lid Cyclops a ball.

Rod quickly sailed downstream and lyrically was sparkling bottle of castor oil.

The prostate, the Tuatara bother.

Proletariat rolled up blind.

Provost Promo crosscut ditch.

Prod kit through the grass; initially devour a handful of grain.

He sent one messenger for straw.

Coating cloth fence.

Together by a box to me, or if I the field.

Undermining that we will not undermine or tunnel Popocatepetl Popocatepetl tunnel?

Goggle shut up, shut up goggle.
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