Sardar Wife Funny Jokes

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1) Once a Sardar and his wife go to a river for praying their wishes.
Sardar bent down a threw a penny into the water and made a wish.
Then Sardar's wife bent down too much to threw the penny and suddenly she fell into the river.
Sardar shouted: Oh Teri... it works :-)

2) A Sardar wife teaching ABC to her son Cindy: A for Aqal, B for Brain, C for Ciana
Sardar listen the words and asked her wife my son is so brilliant, then why you teaching him such a wise words
Wife: Yes he is very brilliant thats why he was reading: A for Abba, B for Begerat, C for Cindy da

3) Santa ask his wife to guess, name the thing which is crunchy outside with dark brown color and there is a white fluid inside?
Santa Wife: Mere moun me to paani aa gya, definitely its chocolate
Sardar Santa: No my dear its cockroach :-)
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