Sex Facts About Animals

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Have a look at 10 amazing facts about animal mating which will definitely give you a surprising shock if you are unaware about these true facts from animal kingdom.

1- Peacock mating by tears.
2- Black spider kill and eat her fellow after mating.
3- Male Snakes swallow the eggs and kids of their female.
4- Cats mating is the most difficult mate in the animal kingdom.
5- When a male dog mate with female dog, it trapped his sexual organ which some time lasts for 1 hour.
6- Lions and tigers can mate a hundred times in one day.
7- Male Elephants like to mate with male Rhinos, in the failing attempt they mostly kill the Rhinos with their long teeth.
8- Dolphins enjoy to mating with their companions in various styles just like humans.
9- Crows rarely like to mate.
10- Every bird group have a specific mating season.
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