Spanish Tongue Twisters

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Peter, you a pig to me, Auntie Petra, the pig paper, so that he can eat pig pepper.

When you write that you write and write and do not write, you write that when no target. It was me, when I write, therefore I will that write and do not write that write, kiddy do not write.

When can you pay off your debt quiet guys?

Kaplan was crying in the chapel. Cried the chaplain at the chapel? The chaplain of the chapel and wept.

Drop the chapel, the flap worked out.

George cut wood from the dogwood, three hundred per second mantle, George cut wood of birch, the second of four robes.

Luckily, it did not matter!

Just one day without boxes.

As Mr. Kaplan was crying in the chapel, the chapel doors worked out.

I like liver, you like liver!

And this, this, this is the aunt aunt pulls!
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