10 Best Free Droid Games Apps

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Android apps or APK for games are getting a great popularity in the recent year, Droid launched a hindered of free games that support all Android versions and the interesting this is that these cool games are free to play and you can download these games direct on your Droid OS phone if you have an Internet connection.

Have a look at the top ten best rated Droid Apps games in the market.

Top Ten Droid Games
1. Labyrinth Lite - This is a game where tilting the phone checking the movement of steel balls, whose aim is to get the ball through the labyrinth to the target hole.
2. Jewels - A fun puzzle game where you have a vertical or horizontal rows group of at least 3 stones of the same color.
3. BattleSea - Classic boats.
4. Tetronimo - Tetris.
5. Andover - Seduce.
6. 2 Player Reactor - A game for two players. This is a quiz and the first to answer correctly gets points.
7. Air Control (AD) - Navigating the aircraft on the runway.
8. Defense Robo - The construction of the tower defense against attacking robots.
9. Bonsai Blast - If you know a PC game Zuma, will certainly resist the Android version! They are shooting the ball, those are the same color.
10. Angry Bird – This is the most wanted and the most playing Droid game in the world.

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