7 Famous Serial Killers Never Caught

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Now a days in America New channels and daily news papers are head lighting the stories of famous serial killers who got captured or never caught, etc. Some sources gives the list of 5 killers, another published the list of 10, some 50 or top100 serial killers and so on.All are humans and indeed they killed innocent kids, men and women,  but do you ever think about some most real serial killers of the history? who really never caught and moving freely among our society. Have a look and decide by yourself, the list given below is right or wrong.

1- Scientists who created HIV virus.
2- USA troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
3- World bank leasing program.
3- Rent killers jobs in army.
4- Bank loans for home, cars, business, etc.
5- Radiation from atomic reactors, same like in Japan.
6- 3rd world vaccination programs, that is infect used for controlling birth rate.
7- Terrorist bomb attacks by civil agencies.

Think about it, if you understand than forward or share this message with friends.
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