College Girls Mobile Numbers in Bangalore

Santa was sitting on a bench in very Happy mood.
Banta look at him with a surprise and ask, why you are so happy?
Santa: I just make a decision
Banta, Oh what?
Santa: I just decided to give you the mobile numbers of all Bangalore girl friends.
Banta: Become very happy and demand him to give the Bangalore college girls numbers
Santa: Ok note kartay jao
Savitri: 0091-765532598478
Pooja mobile number: 0091-86424678886
Radha mobile number: 0091-765464435387842
Madhu cell number: 0091-9564525464778
Anjli mobile number: 0091-8867465424454878
Karishma Bhabhi mobile number: 0091-864874245686332
Sara phone number: 0092-7655378897774534
Shakeela phone number: 0092-7888786344667

Banta: Thank you so much my dear friend
Santa: No need of it, in me se Sali koi bhi phone nahi uthati, koi uthay tu keh dena jao Santa nay tum sab ko azaad kia :-)
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