Funny Condolence Text Messages

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Example of condolences:
Dear Wife!
I am feeling very sorry at the death of your mother
I can’t express my feelings, so I have to go now because my friends are waiting for me in the pub for a big treat. I will call you latter. Bye

Oh, so your dog Tommy is not any more in the world.
I listen Tommy fight with death for a long time but at last dies after an hour.
I feel really sorry.
And sorry that I give him a low poison that why Tommy takes an hour

I know you skills of how quickly you think and write a condolence messages for your own, so start writing a condolence letter and finish it in the time of 3 seconds.

 I am sorry for your business loss due to fire in your factory, next time we will arrive on time with full water tank.
Regards: Fire Brigade Manager
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