Funny Kanjoos Jokes

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(a) Once there was a a Sheikh
He used to give breakfast to his kids just by touching the Desi oil with bread
One day Mr. Sheikh was reached late on the breakfast and see all his children are shaking their breads on the Desi Ghee lock room.
Sheikh shout loudly with anger: Kanjro kadhi tay rukhi kha lia karo

(b) A Kanjoos Sheikh was fell in a main hole
A man reached there for his help and asked him to give me your hand
but Sheikh didn't respond him
Man asked a lot to Sheikh "give me your hand" but no response
Suddenly an old wise man also come out there and when he see the case, he move up on the main hole and said" Sheikh Sb take my hand"
Sheikh surprisingly catch his hand and came out from the whole.
First man asked to old man, what is this?
Wise man said, dear he was a Sheikh, he only know to take, not to give and you was saying him " give me your hand"
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