Funny Practical Tattoos

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Designing  Tattoos on various body parts is become a hot fashion among young girls and college boys, this fashion spread like fire in jungle in the whole world. There are two basic types of tattoos, permanent digging tattoos and temporary diggings designs. There is another type that is called practical tattoos, this option can be applied on both basic types, I collected various but most funny practical designs to entertain my blog lovers. Have a look and feel free to share it with your friends.

This is most weired tattoo I have ever seen.
What a fantastic but classical design on a hot girl back.
This a map of New York associated with Washington DC.
I am sure this is some unique vintage ticket design on the lady arm.
Do you recognize this satanic logo, or not?
This old man want to teach his kids the complete ABC n his back.
Please friends, do not try these tattoo designs by your self at home, kindly consult some professorial designers to Digg  this fun.

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