Hot Track SMS on IPhone

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Same like Droid, IPhone also giving a cool option to track a mobile call or Text message but this is not an official feature but third company SMS tracking Apps are working well on IPhone 4 and latest versions. People are waiting for a built in SMS tracker in IPhone 5 but who know, when it comes true?

SMS tracker for IPhone is a paid Apps that is developed by various 3rd parties but you can use their Demo or trail version too which is run for 7 days and than expires automatically. You can get the following cool features of IPhone tracker.

1- Track the original number of SMS sender.
2- Track a sender location, some Apps also tell you the direction and exact distance.
3- Track mobile operator with the option of block mobile number or the mobile operator.
4- Scan the text message or MMS for any suspected virus or spam.

The price of IPhone SMS tracker is 2.50$
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