How Many People Have My Name

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One day Santa come to Banta house.
Banta ask him, hey Santa why you are looking so sad?
Santa: Yaar I got in a big trouble and completely confused with the messed up situation.
Banta: Oh buddy don't you worry and tell me your problem, I will definitely bring out a perfect solution.
Santa, I think you can't.
Banta:  Let me make a try and tell me your problem please.
Santa: tell me how many people have my name in this world?
Banta: why you are asking?
Santa just give me the answer please.
Banta: but why you are so conscious, nobody can count it that how many people have your name even in the country.
Santa: OK let me check out all census statistics off all countries of the world.
Banta OK sure, then tell me the answer.
OO bhai itnay dihan se SMS aisay parh rahay ho jesay sach much jawab mil jaye ga :-)
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