Imam Din Funny Punjabi Poetry

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Once Ustad Imam Gujarati was selling "Choolay" outside the women college in Gujrat.
A girl passed him and asked why you are selling this stuff?
Imam Din said: Koi Ay wechay tay koi oo waichay
Amam din choolay na wechay tay Amb Waichay

Once Imam Din was sitting in poetry session and a naughty man through a tiny stone over him, that man was wared a glasses
Imam Din: Ye jo bachpan mein mrwatay rahay hain Dash
Ab chashma laga k chuptay hain kahan

Teri gali Ma aa nae sakda, haal e dil suna nae sakda
Kutta wadta aay mino kenj tera gali da ma bata nae sakda
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