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Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan by population, this is also called the city of lights. Karachi is located at the sea shore and the weather is bit wit due to the salt in air. This is also the biggest revenue generating city of Pakistan because all National and multi national companies settled their headquarters at Karachi city.

All kind and nations of people from all over the country are living there with all facilities of life including high education women university and school colleges in every colony. Most of the local people like to do jobs and even part time jobs including female members of the family. This is a perfect city to live indeed but now a days this city become under attack of various terrorist groups and target killing is become a normal thing. These terrorism activities destroy the peace of whole city and of course effect the whole country.

Besides this sad reality, you are still looking for the mobile numbers of Karachi girls, MMS clips, video clips, looking for friendship with girls, what a hall of shame?

All the mobile number of girls with names like Saima, Sidra, Saika, Sobia, Lubna, Maria, Fozia, Sadia, Anam, etc are available on the Internet but be aware that all those are fake numbers, they were boys who are using a device called voice changer to fool other guys in voice of female and getting mobile balance or easy loads.

So what are you looking for?
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