Safe Journey Wishes

Go safe, move safe, stay safe, leave safe and than back safe
I wish you a safe and healthy journey!

I want to cover your laziness and stupid routines to make your journey safe
Because I know your dull habits
So always feel my presence and keep away from all lazy stuff
I am watching you with my new magic glasses :-)

Look at sky birds are giving you best wishes for a safe journey
Look at tree, they are giving you a green Good bye!
Look at me I giving you my care which will follow you throughout the journey!

You are a great journeyer
I want to give you 10 kisses
100 hugs
1000 wishes
10,0000 warm welcomes, when you come back
Have a safe journey!
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  1. My wife is going on a Holiday tour with her old high school friends, now I can use these wonderful journey wishes for her on my Facebook status to wish her safety everyday.

  2. These are awesome inspiring little poems written on a beautiful journey.


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