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Tiny Umbrella also called TinyUmbrella is a wonderful magic application that magically request the SHSH signatures to restore all MAC products to its factory restore. TinyUmbrella is a Java application which make it platform independent, its mean you can use this application on every Operating System either Mac or Windows, TinyUmbrella programming in Java makes it very reliable and use friendly and you can use this handy tool to restore your Windows setting, IPhone settings, Ipad and IPod settings.

You can download this free tool from the official website of TinyUmbrella and you can also get a complete tutorial on how to operate TinyUmbrella from the official website. This tutorial is frequently updates according with the updating of software, so I highly suggest you to always download the latest version of TinyUmbrella, because every new version is free from bugs and errors and comes with latest new features.

You can also share your experience, tips and tricks with TinyUmbrella in the comments section below. This is a new tool and only few people know how to use this application, so your any tip or trick about using TinyUmbrella will warmly welcome on our site.
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