Top 10 Most Wanted Android Apps

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Given that the Market can help anyone who knows a little programming, the programs are both good and bad. Some of these applications have quickly found their way to users, and today perhaps should not miss any phone. For clarity, I have prepared a list of applications that are permanently settled in my phone.

Top Ten Applications for Android

1. LauncherPro - Excellent and quick launcher, which can fully replace Sense. If you want to pay, you get access to more widgets calendar bookmarks, people and messages.

2. Jorte - The program displays and syncs Google Calendar (you can connect multiple calendars) Tasks and Google. A wide variety of widgets on the desktop.

3. Barcode Scanner - Scans EAN codes and search for products. Scan QR code containing the URL, contact information, calendar events, etc.

4. Documents To Go - View and change (only the paid version), MS Office documents. You can also use online Google office through this app.

5. RealCalc Scientific Calculator - Scientific calculator is a very helpful app for high school students as well as business men.

6. Color Palette - Mixing and display colors in RGB, HSB, HSL, HTML. You can also create and save your own created color palette with this fun app.

7. TV Program - TV program on-line for 7 days for 100 TV stations. You don't need to pay any fee or hidden charges to view these TV channels.

8. Dropbox - Client to access your online backups and shared data.

9. iReader - electronic book reader. Supports TXT, CHM, UMD, Palm PDB format.

10. handyConverter - Conversion of units. You can convert photo and images formats, video formats, word processes formats, etc.

All above applications are free to download and you can use these apps without any hesitation because these are approved apps which are free from any kind of virus.
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