Top 7 Must Have Droid Apps

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Android is an amazing open source OS that is definitely beats the IPhone and give it a big competition in the market. Droid proudly presents a thousand of free apps that are freely available on the Internet to download and use on your mobile phones. I just selected a list of top 7 most widely used Android apps, all the listed below apps are free of cost and very useful for Android lovers.

Top 7 Android Utilities

1. EStrongs File Explorer - File manager. Connect to FTP. Editing text files and more.

2. Locale - set of profiles based on conditions such as location (your location), time, battery status, signal strength and more.

3. Tricorder - The program uses all of the sensors. Monitors gravity, magnetism, solar activity, geographic information displays, sound is measured power spectrum, including audio and more. The graphics are in the style recorder from Star Trek.

4. Apps Organizer - Sorting into categories. The widget is the desktop.

5. Car Mode - A simple program that does nothing more than that after receiving a call activates the speakerphone. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in the car.

6. Extended Controls - Excellent tool that you can create a widget with their own switch (WiFi, GPS, BT, APN, etc.).

7. Silent Boot - The application allows you to turn off (very annoying) sound when booting the phone.

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