Travel and Navigation Apps for Android

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Are you a regular traveler or a businessman who need to frequent tours regards to his business?  If you are using Android then I have a free solution to make your tour more flexible and most reliable. Have a look at the 100% free Android application hat can fulfill all your traveling needs.

Android Travel and navigation Apps

1. SMS ticket - buy tickets for sms comfortable public transport in several American cities. In addition, notify you through to the end of the ticket and allows you to keep track of the tickets have already traveled.

2. Pubtran - Search transport links in Prague, Brno and other cities. Intelligent whisperer stops include stops by distance and other factors.

3. TrekBuddy - TrekBuddy display your own location on the map. With MapGrabber or Mobile Atlas Creator you can easily generate your own maps.

4. Google Maps - Great maps from Google. Display location, route planner.

5. Google Earth - 3D world map composed of satellite images.

6. My Tracks - The program records your route from your GPS. The route then draws a map and other statistics show the route.

7. Geo caching for Android - The official Geo caching application from the third party.
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