10 Way How to Block a Phone Number

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No body can refuse to the benefits of mobile technology; it brings some unbelievable benefits and easiness to human society. On the other side it brings a very cheap communication and now you can talk sms or video chat to your loved once, no matter where she is living. Mobile technology reduces the distance between family and friend and now you can talk to your family member on a single click, doesn’t matter if they are living in abroad or so far cities.

Besides a lot of benefits and features this technology also produces so many problems and wrong calls or unwanted calls or text messages is the main problem, or you may say a big Barrie of this wonderful technology,  But now we have a perfect solution on how to block a phone number on your mobile. Look at the 10 perfect ways through which you can permanently or temporally block all unwanted numbers.

1-     If you are using IPhone, than use can easily block any unwanted number by using call blocker app.
2-     Samsung Galaxy also giving you the same app.
3-     Various Nokia 3G cell phones having a built in option for this purpose.
4-     Change you mobile operator, who giving you this facility.
5-     Use third company application call locker, its free a tool.
6-     In Symbian mobile sets you can got the same option.
7-     Blackberry is a perfect mobile phone which gives you the option of 100 numbers blocking at the same time.
8-     Forward your unwanted number the mobile screaming.
9-     Every smartphone comes with this option.
10- Nokia 7610 and N70 are the best options to block incoming calls. 
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