Best Android Live Wallpapers

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Angry Birds wallpapers gives a new inspiration to Android lovers, and thousand of people downloaded Angry Birds and various other best rated wallpapers for their desktop computers. These wallpapers are available in various sizes e.g. 120x120, 800x600, 1024 x 1024, etc.

Now I collected the most wanted and top rated Green Droid wallpapers for my blog readers. Please feel free to use these images on your Android phone and as well as on your computer desktop. Right click on your favorite wallpaper and then click on “save as” and then save on your hard drive. Then simply open the image and right click on the image and then click on “set as wallpaper” or “set as background”

This is all you done.
Droid kids are going to school

There are features that an Android OS accountably contains

Droid Puzzle, can you solve it?

She is a true hot lover of Android phones

Do you remember this joker?

Find out the difference among these Droid dolls.

Now Droid is going to represent its evolution theory

Are you ready for this green army?
Android VS Iphone
Happy scatting season 4

How you dare?

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