Birthday Prayer Poems

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Three short Birthday greeting poems

(a) You come into this world is not a chance or coincidence
Its a preplanned birth by God Almighty
So I pray to God on your birthday: Oh one God shower your blessing on this person who is reading this text message, because you bring him in this world and no doubt that you are the best care taker.

(b) Happy Birthday to you - English
Tumein Salgirah mubarik ho  - Urdu
Tino salgarah mubarak howay - Punjabi
Tavalodet Mobarak! - Farsi
Janam Din ki badhai - Hindi
Tun Pun BD Chun - This is my own style :-)

(c) Birthday is a day of celebration
How do you celebrate your birthday?
By cutting a cake and glowing candles, right?
What are you celebrating? the decreasing days of your life?
Well if you are happy by doing so then Happy birthday to you from the depth of my heart.
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