Funny Justin Bieber Insults Jokes

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Shocking News
During a live concert of Justin Bieber, the stadium roof falls down
Only one old lady died in this accident
Because she was the only one who was listening his songs in the show

Angry Justin Bieber
JB to his mother: Mom I am so dishearten and so angry on you.
Mother: why son, what happened?
JB: No girl showing interest in me, they don’t want to be my girlfriends, and all this happen just because you.
Mom: why son?
JB: Because you grow me up like a girl and not body is ready to believe it that I am a boy not a girl.

Once Justin Bieber coming out from a show
A crazy little kid cross the crowd and reached to Justin Bieber and demand for an autograph
JB: I will give you autograph only in one condition if you answer my question
Little Kid: OK
JB: Do you know what happened in 1994?
Kid: Yes JB was born in Canada
JB: and do you know what happened to me in 2008?
Kid: Yes, you become 14 years old

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  1. wat a lame blog!!!!!!!u all justin bieber wannabes so stop hatin on him


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