Funny To Do List

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Are you getting bored? than have a look at the most funny thought for the day, that will make your day a little bit full of fun and may give you relax and peace of mind. So here we go for a list of some funny things to do, to entertain our self and as well our surrounding.

1- Take a remote control scary crying horn or siren and hide it in some fence and on the siren when somebody pass through the fence.

2- Take some balloons and fill them with water (you can also use a color in water). Go to your home roof and hide yourself behind a wall through balloons on passing people and hide again ( note: through balloons at only people that are close to you strangers may create a big trouble or fire a case against you)

3- Stand in a chock or in market full of crowd, and start watching on the sky and point your finger towards the sky and lip-sing in a worry style. ( this action will attract a lot of people  towards you)

4- Take one Dollar note and tide it with some transparent thread and put the dollar on a footpath and hide yourself behind some tree or wall and enjoy the funny moments of people who will try to catch your one dollar.

5- Go to your Facebook account and post the following message on all your friends wall ( Barack Obama  is a gay, hurry tune CNN or BBC news to listen the full story)
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