Hot SMS in Tamil

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(1) A Tamil college student was travelling in a train
He was standing behind a old aged woman
He was without undergarments and touching again and again with the travelling woman
Woman become angry and asked him, hey what are you doing?
Boy replied with innocences, I am doing Masters in computer sciences

(2) Tamil guy to girl: naan unnai virumbukiren
Girl: Oh really, you give me a wonderful gift of my wife, tell me do you really love me?
Boy: yes darling
Girl: OK then send your parents to my home for our engagement
Boy become nervous and said: Sorry sister I was just joking

(3) A Tamil guy was sitting in a garden with a sad mood
His friend arrived there and asked him, hey buddy why you are too sad today?
First  friend replied: You know my film star friend Anushka, I just breakup with her
Second friend: Oh come on buddy just chill, yesterday I left, Namitha and today I am thinking about breakup with Trisha

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