How to Trace Mobile Caller Location

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Tracking mobile location through your own phone is possible or not? You may see in various Hollywood movies that how a hero trace out the locations of his enemies through incoming mobile calls, but in reality its possible or not? And the answer is yes. You can find out the exact geographical location of your callers very easily, but how?

To track a mobile number location is required the following criteria.
1- A 3G or 4G cell phone.
2- A satellite mobile network connection.
3- A geographical router or navigation application installed in your mobile phone.

If you have the above features in your mobile set then tracing your caller ID is not a problem but without the above features its not possible. Yes there is still a chance to find out the caller for free if you mobile network is giving you the facility to trace the location o your in comming calls. Their are various mobile operators in India, Dubai, UK, Pakistan and in Sweden who are giving this wonderful option to their users.

Besides above two option there is not any third option available right now in this technology, so do not waste your money if you see any relevant ad on Internet, because they are fraud websites who just collect your money and run away.
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