Insulting Quotes for Boys

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(1) A husband and wife were go to an exhibition
Husband got still in front of a beautiful naked woman portrait, whose body was covered with leaves.
Wife: Lets move honey, or you waiting for a strong wind?

(2) Husband to wife: You didn't wish me the "Mothers Day"
Wife: Oh sorry, OK pay my sympathy and best wishes to my mother in in law who is tolerating and grown up such a duffer and lazy boy, I salute her patience and greatness.
"Happy Mothers Day!"

(3) A girl advising to her friend: If your husband got any problem from you.
then always remember that, this is his own business.
Do not think about his problems.

(4) A group of mules were sitting in a field
Suddenly a female mule was passing them
A naughty donkey teased her by saying: Wow what a lovely figure 350x250x70 :-)
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