Insulting Quotes for Girls

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(1) Once Mr Santa was driving a bike and suddenly he was slipped in a cow dung
A beautiful girl was seeing all this accident
Girl: Happy Birthday Sardar Ji
Santa: Enj kam nae chalay ga soniyo tussi v aa k cake khaoo na ji

(2) Once Santa was running in hurry, back to home suddenly he got slipped and fell down near a donkey
Girl: wah sardar wadday bhira de pair choo rahay hoo?
Santa: Ji Bhabhi ji :-)

(3) Once upon a time there was a girl
She has 7 boyfriends
She got gifts from all of these and making fool all of the time
When all of they appeared in final exams, Do you know what happened?
All 7 boys got passed and girl got fails?
What you were thinking dear?
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