Lady Gaga Funny Jokes

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Wake up Lady Gaga
Manager: Hi Lady Gaga, wakeup, we are getting late for the show
Lady Gaga: Oh man, don’t disturb me; I smoked to much weed; now I want to sleep a long
Manager: You nonsense, you already spend a lot of time in the bed, you may don’t know that, these are prostitutes who make dollars in the bed, not a superstar celebrity.
Lady Gaga: Oh thank dear, you remind me who am I, now I get lost and don’t disturb my sleep.

Bill Gates: Hey, what is you name?
Lady Gaga: shut up, why do I tell you my name?
Bill Gates: OK as you wish, I am also not giving you offer to spend weekend on my luxury 7 Star apartment in Paris or giving you white gold ring with million dollar diamonds.
Gaga: Oh, my name is Lady Gaga, living in New York, totally free from 10 PM to 3 AM

Famous pop singer Lady Gaga once said in a BBC interview
If I told any lie? I wish to my father will die on my lie
Next day 300 men died in New York

A little kid: I am so lucky because my grand mother was lived 103 year, and she never used any glasses
Lady Gaga: well it’s not a big thing, because some people drink beer directly from tin pack and never use glasses.

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