Midnight Teasing Messages

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Hi listen, I want to tell you a secret thing
I am too depressed and cannot release my tension
You are my best friend and I know I can blind trust on you
I know I disturb you and it too late nigh
But you are the only person, I can share my problem
So my dear friend kindly tell me
Mujhay neend nae aa rahi, kia karoun?

Buzz Buzz Buzz
Hello can you read my message?
Hopefully you can because your eyesight is great
So do you read my SMS?
Cool, now go to sleep because it too late
I was just checking your eyesight.

Hi James Bond how are you?
Do you meet Obama tonight?
What about your affair with Britney Spears?
Do you really purpose Lady Gaga?
Oh so you are coming in Brazil
Do you deposit 1 million dollars in my Swiss bank account?
You didn’t get my message?
Ok no problem, you are in sleep and your mind is not working properly
So go to sleep again, I will call you in the morning.
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