Mobile Numbers of Bollywood Actresses

Are you looking for phone numbers of all hot looking Bollywood celebrities?
OK, I am just got tired of friendship Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, now I want to gift you all mobile numbers of Bollywood stars to you, just note all these numbers and kindly do not tell them about me.

Katrina Kaif mobile number is 91-996005269
Deepika cell number is 91-996225000
Kareena Kapoor phone number is 91-916225269
Sonakshi Sinha mobile number is 91-990000269
Freida Pinto 91-977225277
Madhori Dixit 91-996444469
Bipasha Basu 91-991220000
Vidya Balan 91-336225233

If you want more then don't ask me you greedy person, you are my close friend thats why I am giving you these secret numbers. I hope you will keep my name secret to all these silly actresses.
Moj ker Yaara ;)
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  1. This numbers are Fake.

  2. plz i need mahima chaudhary mobile no......
    any one can help plz


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