Most Common but Funny Lies Told by Women

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The story of lies and relationships is too old, and bother sexes women and men put forward to blaming each other. Well who told most frequent lies, men or women? Is another story and we will discuss this topic in some other post? In today share I just want to tell you something about hidden truths related to most popular lies told by our women.  Have a look at top 10 most frequent lies mostly told by women, she can be your girlfriend or your wife :-)

1-       Oh honey you are the only man who attracted me so much in my life.
2-       I cannot see you in any trouble; even I can give my life to save you from troubles.
3-       I can’t lie with you.
4-       I only dreams about you.
5-       I don’t like to interface in others matter.
6-       I can’t image to live without you.
7-       I don’t like shopping and jewelry related stuff, its too boring and waste of time and money as well.
8-       I have no interest in your business or personal matters.
9-       I want to do cooking for you and take care about your every matter.
10-   You are the dearest to me then anyone in this world.

What you say? you can add more in the comments below!

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