Most Funny Police Sketches

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If you give a pencil to a wise donkey, what he will draw? I am sure he will draw bit better then the following most bizarre sketches drawn by police officers. Have a look at a random collection that I collect from various sources. These are sketches of various terrorists, gangsters and bank robbers which were drawn on various US states. Now the most funny sketches slide show is going to begin, please close your eyes, shut down your computer and ran away if you feel odd by seeing these lovely views.

I do belie that it is impossible to find out this man.
Lol, If I wear the same glove on my face, then Police will definitely arrest me.
What this is a character from Scary movies part 6
This silly lady looks same like my ex girlfriend
Wow, do you got flashes of John Rambo in your mind?
Stop me if you can, I will eat all your coins with my sharp teeth :-)
This weird hair in the sketch is same like as Obama hair style
Do you find any difference between the news caster and rapist sketch?

If you find these sketches funny or  bizarre or whatever, kindly do not forget to share this link with your friends.

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