Nokia E9 Specifications

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Nokia E9 will be the latest IPhone alternative launching very soon into the market, Nokia official claims that this will be the cheapest mobile phone with all 3G technologies and touch system as compared with latest models of Sony Erickson and Apple IPhones. The new Nokia E9 wills Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared and all kind of MicroSD memory cards.

The new model will also equip with 7.0 megapixel High Definition (HD) camera and 4.9 mm audio jack for full entertainment of music that you can enjoy with or without headphones and you can also connect you E9 to your laptop or computer via USB port and easily upload, edit, or delete image, video and audio files.

Besides all above features you can also get flash or factory restore options for free with the help of builtin software. This cell phone will let you play all kind of Java games and you can download a thousand of free E9 mobile games direct from Nokia Apps store.

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