Random Doctor Jokes

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(1) Santa: What the hell is this writing style, that doctors write to chemist?
Banta: Doctor writes to chemist that, I make my money  now its your turn.

(2) A doctor go to a funereal and come back after a very short period of time.
His friend asked him; why you come back so quickly?
Dr: When I reached there everyone is crying there, so how do I handle all that crowd?

(3) Nurse: Dr please give me your latest Iphone mobile.
Dr: Why?
Nurse: I want to remember you all the time by taking this phone  from you.
Dr: No problem, you can also remember me all the time by thinking this that you me a phone and I didn't give you :-)

(4) Agar tranquilizer tablet chemist se 5 rupay ki milti hai to Dr hum ko yehi tablet 500 ya 1000 fees le ker kio deta hai?
Ajj nahi bolo gay tu kal bhugto gay
Khamoshi ka karo boycott
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