Send Free SMS without Registration

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 There are several websites and portal even applications and handy tools are available on the Internet that let you send free SMS messages in local region like only in India or only in Nepal or Pakistan, etc. Some websites gives you the opportunity to send worldwide text messages and you can pass your wishes to your family and friends living in abroad like Canada, Sweden, Russia, America, etc.

By using the above listed services you can send only a limited number of SMS and registration is also required because without login or sign up you have no right to use the service. You can also increase your SMS limit by purchasing their premium membership or golden membership.

There is only one way to send free sms without showing number or without registration, and this is called the SMS gateway. You can get various SMS gateway tickets on the Internet, most of them are expired but some are still working nice and you can try one of these.

You cab also use Facebook, Yahoo and Gmail SMS services to send free text messages to your loved ones. Also beware that do not use your credit card on such a free websites because their job is to only receive cash and then they disappear from the WWW and you cannot trace them again in your whole life.

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