Top 10 Apps for Symbian s60

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Nokia S60V5 is a classical Symbian version of modern mobile technology which is continues to give more and more features day by day. Currently, S60V5 applications cross the range of 1 million apps that are available n the market and most of them are completely free which are developed by third parties. Nokia S60V5 latest version presented in this share brings the must have S60V5 apps with a better enhancement. Not every Symbian mobile is so perfect, as S60V5 might seem. Now get ready to read about top ten most wanted apps that you needed on your cell phone.

1- Windows 7
If you want to enjoy a complete brand new operating system by Microsoft then you must have a registered version of Windows 7, because it makes your mobile a perfect portable PC to use any where any time.

2- Ovi maps
This is the most latest but must have navigation application for your S60V5. The latest version of Ovi maps is come out from Beta and now it’s available for all most every country like UAE, India, Nepal, UK, USA, Pakistan local road maps.

3- Chrome Browser
The most secure and safest but fastest Internet browser by Google is now available for all Symbian and Nikon s60 smartphone mobiles. This is a completely free app.

4- Miranda
This is a multi login chat messenger that let you login on your MSN, Yahoo, AOL or Gmail messenger through a single software.

5- Adobe Reader
This is a must have application both for your PC and your mobile phone, now you can read e-books on your Nokia phone.

6- MY Phone
This tool was first designed for IPhone but now it’s available for various Nokia sets, it gives you RSS reader and so many other one click options in a single tool.

7- Nimbuzz
This must have app full fill your dream of making free calls from your mobile phone, yes it’s really do so with giving multiple AIM options.

8- Ultimate Voice recorder
I find this application very useful because it let my record my all incoming or out going calls on a single click with various timer options.

9- Sygic Mobile
Another GPS navigation tool for smartphones and working on all Nokia Symbian sets. Well this is not fully equipped as Ovi maps but it does continue to update day by day.

10- Freeisms
Another free to download utility for all Symbian mobiles including s60 that let you free chat with your family and friends.
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