Top 10 Best Apps for Droid X

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There is big competition between Droid incredible vs Droid X but with the help of various apps we can get almost same features in both models have a look at some wonderful apps which works great on both platforms.

Google Docs
If you are in some business and also do a lot of traveling then Google Docs is the best Droid X app that can help you to fulfill all your business requirements, including calculations to book keeping and all type of transactions.

Pool Breaker
This is a very lovely app for the Snooker and billiards lovers. You can enjoy all the 3 dimensions of your pool while playing this game. You can also connect to Internet for a snooker challenge or you can play with its built in player.

HD Wallpapers
Some people like to change their mobile phone backgrounds or wallpapers time by time, and this is the best suited app for wallpaper lovers. You can download and set thousands of wallpapers on your Droid X from various categories on a single click.

Duck Hunt
This s a hunting game, in which you have to shoot some naughty and monster ducks. All your level score is depending on how much ducks you killed in a certain period of time.

Love Heart Wallpapers
If you are in love and want to see every thing in the shape of heart, then this is the best choice for you. This app will convert your desired image into heart and you can also apply some lovely animations to your desired picture.

Adobe Reader 
This is a classical PC program which is used world wide to read desktop or web documents written in PDF format. If you want to read some e-books in your Droid incredible then this is the must have application for you.

Push Ups
This is a modified version of Sit ups, which give you a perfect body building or sliming program training according to your BMI weight.

Ac Cleaner 
This application helps you when your phone memory become full with garbage and temporary files and your Android or smartphone become very slow and halt again and again. Ac cleaner is a perfect cache cleaner which can make extra rooms in your hard drive in few seconds.

Google Translator
Now browsing on unknown languages is not a problem any more, you may thanks to Google who bring out such a free application, through which you can translate any web page into your local language.

Auto CAD 
Android now start to cover its need for desktop computer applications and the release of AutoDesk AutoCAD is a big achievement for the Android platform. This is a great but bit expensive app for designers and engineers to draw and design their diagrams directly from their Droid X.

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