Top 10 Latest Android Applications

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Do you update your Android phone with latest must have apps? if not then choose your favorite application in the list below.

SD Maid: This is the best Android Application that works same like a system cleaner PC application; it collects all useless garbage from your Android mobile phone and deletes it permanently on a single click.

Mobo Player: Like VLC player in Windows this cool video player let you play almost every format of video clip or movie on your Android. You can play mp4, Quick, HD, 3GP, MPG, etc formats without any codec.

GO Keyboard: This is an important and must have Droid app because this tool gives you various short cut options that are not available in builtin Android OS.

Pudding Camera: This Droid app is full of fun, you can edit and give special effects to your photos on a single click and then share your amazing pictures with your Twitter or Facebook friends.

Crawl 4 × 4 Lite: This is an affordable Droid games which let you control over various vehicles to prepare your driving test.

Math Maniac: This is an awesome game if you are interested in solving various mathematic problems and puzzles. This game can also teach you various mathematic algorithms.

SD Increase 2: This is top Android app, which let you highly increase and speed up your cache memory card from 256 KB to 2048 KB, it also speedup your other programs and Apps loading time.

Phit Droid 3: This is an interesting block game, it’s a best time pass option you get in your mobile phone, must try it once.

Startup Cleaner 3.0: This is a cool tiny utility that let you remove various unwanted apps at your Android startup.

SD Tools 2.0: This is a handy tool which gives you various optimization options like you can speed up your Android SMS writing, opening video or audio flees etc.

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