Top 10 Must Have iPhone Games

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Apple IPhone now becomes the world leading mobile manufacturers and people are mad to get every new gadget related to IPhone. IPhone 5 is the coming up edition from Apple and all iPhone lovers are waiting for its releasing date.

You can get almost every kind of IPhone apps from their official Apps store but on the other hand there are a hundreds of third parties that are offering thousands of apps for free of cost. The most widely used IPhone apps are games because people get a high quality resolution while playing games on IPhone hand set.

Have a look at the best top rated and must have IPhone games.

1- Angry birds: It’s a battle of angry birds against monsters who occupy n their resources; this is the best game I have ever seen to entertain kids and teens.
2- N.O.V.A: Nova 2 is now officially launched in the market and a popular game also for IPad users.
3- Peggle: This is not a free game and cost about 8$ for a single license but it gives you the most reliable touch system console.
4- Sol Free: This is the ever best solitaire game which is officially offered free by ITunes apps store.
5- Flight Control: This is a cool game for airplane lover, you have to do a safe journey and safe your passengers from natural disasters, this game is full of adventure and fun and it’s also free.
6- IFighter: This is a one dollar game but it’s full of action and suits for fight loving users.
7- Doodle Jump: This is one of my favorite game and its also available in a PC version; you can play this game only if you have a lot of free time because its single stage can take your 1 hour.
8- Flick Football: This excellent 3D game for soccer lovers, you are free to select players of your own choice, you can also resume this game if you got some work.
9- Diablo III: Yes you read right, Blizzard announced that they will launch their IPhone version too on the PC release of this dashing game.
10- Runescape: Yes it’s not an official supported game but you if you have a high speed Internet connection on your phone then you can play this game by login to your Facebook account.
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