7 Little Words Answers for Android

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7 Little Words Answers for IPhone and IPad is a great crossword game in which a player target is achieved by creating 7 words from the given random alphabets, once you create these seven words; you got the fist record.

Rules for how to play “7 Little Words Answers”
1- Create only seven words from the random alphabets.
2- Try to make short words ( shot words give you maximum points)
3- You cannot make the similar words.
4- Spellings of all words must be correct.
5- You can utilize the hints for your ease.

This is an awesome puzzle game which gets an unbeatable popularity on IPod platform, just like angry bird getting a big hit on Android mobile phones. Now Angry Birds latest versions all available for IPhone and PC. Now the developers of Moxie, who created seven little words answer, are working on their application to work for Droid. Within a month they will announce their game launching for Android.

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