Android Alchemy Cheats, Hints

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Alchemy game was first launched only for PS2 in 2004, but the interesting fun of this game made it popular on IPhone and Android too. Now it is on the top position in Android market games ranking. So many people and Android lovers download and play this game and increase their IQ level.

You may observe your friends who play Alchemy game on Android and made a lot of score in a short period of time, do you know the reason? They are using some cool cheating codes, tricks and hints to made big score or points on the game.

Alchemy app for Android is a tiny application which let you made new elements from the four basic elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire). You can make silver, gold, copper, diamond, etc, various elements up to 360 elements from the four basic elements. The cheats of Alchemy are very simple if you are good in Chemistry or if you have a printed table about 360 elements and their all possible combinations.

If you are poor in chemistry then you can also download Alchemy cheats app from only in 1$ and the size of this app is jut 64 KB.

Android alchemy combinations examples:
Rain = Water + Air
Sea = Salt + Water
Tornado = Air + Thunder
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